Generating your own renewable energy

If you'd like to install a wind or solar generation system on your property, our team will walk you through the process of connecting it to the Corn Belt Energy grid. We encourage you to contact us early on in this process, so we can help you make sure you have the information you need to make an informed decision on your potential system.

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Items needed for connection:

Interconnection Standards. Click here for the complete Interconnection Standards.

Distributed Energy Resource Interconnection Application Click here for the Distributed Energy Resource Interconnection Application.

Distributed energy resource policies:

600-7 Interconnection and Parallel Operation of Distributed Generation
600-7 Attachment A - Application for Operation of Distributed Generation
600-7 Attachment B - Interconnection Study Agreement
600-7 Attachment C - Agreement for Interconnection and Parallel Operation Distributed Generation
600-13 Net Metering and Cooperative Purchase of Excess Member Owned Generation

For other renewable energy inquiries, please contact:  Alan Meissner, Planning Engineer at 309-664-9270.