Electric Vehicle (EV)

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Corn Belt Energy is proud to support the growing adoption of Electric Vehicles throughout our service territory. The Electric Vehicle (EV) industry has experienced rapid growth over the past few years, and the International Energy Agency predicts that by 2030, there will be anywhere from 125 to 220 million electric vehicles on the road worldwide*.

As your electric service provider, it is important for us to maintain a working knowledge of the upcoming growth and development within the EV industry. Most EV owners do the majority of their vehicle charging at home, which will mean a growing increase in home energy use. Our goal is to both encourage our members to explore EV’s as a great economical, and environmentally-friendly, option for transportation, as well as stay ahead of the potential energy growth, in order to prevent potential strain on our electric grid.

In June 2018, Corn Belt Energy purchased our own Electric Vehicle, a Chevy Bolt, and have been studying the driving and charging patterns. We hope to share our findings with you as we go. Please consider signing up for our EV mailing list, whether you are a current owner, prospective owner, or just curious about EV’s in general.

If you're interested in finding out more about electric vehicle programs and rates from Corn Belt Energy, click here to find out more or inquire about how to sign up for the EV rate program.

*source: https://www.iea.org/gevo2018/

Electric Vehicle Charger Rebates

Building a new home or thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) consider installing an EV charger and receive a rebate from Corn Belt Energy. Corn Belt Energy offers a $100 rebate for new construction, or $200 for retrofit*. Click here to learn more.

*Must participate in Corn Belt Energy's EV time of use rate to qualify.


To apply for the electric vehicle time-of-use charging rate Click here to apply