Rate Plans

We offer two variable-rate plans and the monthly price per therm is all-inclusive. The rate is based on the average cost of gas in inventory, all balancing, storage and program fees, taxes (if applicable), and our operating margin with no additional monthly fees.


Market Advantage Plan

By selecting this plan, your natural gas therm cost will fluctuate according to current market conditions. You will benefit from this plan if it’s a mild winter and market prices remain stable or decline.


Winter Protection Plan

With this plan, the goal is to protect you from the volatility of the winter market. Pricing is based on 80% fixed and 20% that will vary by month with market conditions. The gas purchased for the 80% fixed portion is gas being put into inventory during the summer months.


Billing Options

Contact us at 800-879-0339 for further details on this option.

The Corn Belt Energy supplier cost will be conveniently included on your monthly Nicor Gas statement, so you only receive and pay one bill.

Want to compare our current rates with other Customer Select providers?  Simply click this link from the Illinois Commerce Commission to view rates and applicable fees and terms. (In the drop-down menu, make sure to select "Nicor Gas Company" as your Service Area.) Don't forget to factor in monthly fees and hefty early termination fees that other suppliers may charge. Corn Belt Energy is consistently one of the lowest (if not the lowest) priced gas marketer in the Nicor Customer Select program. With cooperative values and a live person to handle all of your customer service needs, we are your best choice for low prices and top-notch customer service.

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