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Real world example - How much will an electric vehicle impact your electric bill?

Impact of EV on bill

One of the biggest concerns people have related to an EV is how their new EV might affect their wallet by increasing their electric bill. Therefore, we have run the numbers for you to show you a real-world example of how this may impact your electric bill.  

Realizing that everyone's mileage will be different, we used Jeremy Myers' driving patterns as an example which includes an average commute of 60 miles per day plus an additional 100 miles traveled for the weekend.  

The example below is based on 400 miles drove in a week, and we are also following the assumption that you would only charge every evening from your home.

  • Weekly mileage driven by Jeremy Myers: 400 miles
  • Average miles per kWh: 3.44 miles
  • Corn Belt Energy's average member electric rate: .13276 cents
    (400 miles / 3.44 miles per kWh = 116.28 total kWh x $0.13276 = $15.44 cost to charge EV weekly)

Based on the example above, a member's electric bill would increase by approximately $2.21 per day or $15.44 per week. 

Before you balk at that number, consider an average driver (using the national average of 24.7 mpg and a fuel price of $2.79/gallon), driving the same distance in a gasoline fueled vehicle would be spending $6.43 per day or $45 per week on fuel. 

This means that switching to an EV may add $60 per month to your electric bill but in the long run will actually save you money – on average $120 per month that you would not be spending at the gas pump.

More information about the Corn Belt Energy EV Project

Throughout our EV project, we will provide information about our journey with the EV on this blog. We encourage you to follow our blog posts as well as social media posts about the EV, and if you have any specific questions, please contact Jeremy Myers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling us at 800-879-0339 x221.
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