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After the first 4,000 miles from Jeremy’s perspective

EV-blog-small Driving the EV

We've reached 4,000 miles on the electric vehicle (EV) and we've shared a lot of pros. Now it's time for us to share some cons about the EV. (Please note: these are opinions from my perspective only.)

  • The shifter is extremely confusing. First, the term "low" for regenerative braking doesn't seem like the right term. The term low to me has always been something that we use in 4x4 vehicles, high gear and low gear. Second, I dislike that it shifts up and to the left for reverse. Third, as others drive the vehicle, I am constantly witnessing people struggle to use the safety button. In most vehicles, the shifter normally stays in the same location that you pull it to and in this specific vehicle, the shifter doesn't stay in the location that you put it in causing people to pull it back again to make sure it is in the correct gear. My thoughts are that maybe since it is electric, it should use buttons for drive, reverse, park, low.
  • Additional educational materials on charging and regenerative braking should be provided when an EV is purchased. There is a huge learning curve going into this and had to learn about most of this from YouTube videos.
  • The size of the vehicle is adequate but could be larger. I like how much room is in the vehicle for a small/compact car. But for those of us who travel with more equipment or need to include more people like a family, we are ready for something bigger and with more storage.
  • The navigation system on the screen is not always intuitive.
  • Radio reception could be better. I am an avid AM radio listener, and our AM radio does not come in on the radio. FM radio seems to work well.

So, I've provided you with these minor dislikes, and I want to note that none of the above information would sway me from personally not buying the car. They got the big most important things right – efficiency, horsepower, charging.

Our verdict is that we still LOVE the EV and are excited to keep learning more about the vehicle and sharing our journey with you.

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Throughout our EV project, we will provide information about our journey with the EV on this blog. We encourage you to follow our blog posts as well as social media posts about the EV, and if you have any specific questions, please contact Jeremy Myers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling us at 800-879-0339 x221.
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