Education Grants for Schools

Education Grants for Schools

Each spring, Corn Belt Energy supports innovation in the classroom through our Education Grants Program. Five schools that serve children of Corn Belt Energy electric members will each be awarded $1,500 to fund a specific program or project that enhances education. In addition, one school will be awarded the $2,000 Jeff Reeves Memorial Education Grant. The Jeff Reeves Memorial Education Grant was established to honor the memory of Corn Belt Energy former President and CEO, Jeff Reeves.

Public or private schools that serve children of Corn Belt Energy members may apply; the school does not need to receive power from Corn Belt Energy. An impartial panel of judges will review the grant applications and preference will be given to projects and programs that enhance learning and are not currently being funded through the school’s budget.

Teachers and administrators of public or private K-12 schools that serve Corn Belt Energy cooperative families may apply. (The school itself does not need to receive electricity from Corn Belt Energy.)

For more information, please contact Hillary Cherry, Director of Communications & Marketing at 1-800-879-0339 x250 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2019 Jeff Reeves Memorial Education Grant Recipient ($2,000)

Bloomington Junior High School (Bloomington, IL)                         
Recipient: Greg Kocourek
Grant purpose: Purchase and implement a new program called “Micro: Bits” to help engage students in learning how to code with simple computers.

2019 Education Grant Recipients ($1,500)

Cornerstone Christian Academy (Bloomington, IL)                         
Recipient: Danielle Garey
Grant purpose: Purchase computer programming and grade level appropriate robotics kits to conduct a unit on introductory computer programming at each grade level 1-5.

Corpus Christi Catholic School (Bloomington, IL)                            
Recipient: Abby Whittington
Grant purpose: A 3D printer as well as a robotics classroom education package that includes 12 robots, 18 accessories, a coding curriculum and a year subscription to an online coding library resource to support STEM education.  

Deer Creek-Mackinaw High School (Mackinaw, IL)                         
Recipient: Jason McCoy
Grant purpose: Purchase a subscription to a program called “Platform” for the physical education program that provides each student with an individualized workout program as well as education on the foundations of fitness and advanced concepts such as agility or strength training.

Hall High School (Spring Valley, IL)                                                    
Recipient: Katie Lawrence
Grant purpose: Continue to add to the “Free Voluntary Reading Library” with text available in Spanish. The goal is to improve verbal and reading fluency in Spanish. Reading in Spanish builds vocabulary and improves interpretation of language nuance.

Irving Elementary School (Bloomington, IL)                                     
Recipient: Karen O’Shea
Grant purpose: Purchase a piano and music instruction for at-risk elementary students using the Yamaha LC4 group piano lab. This lab will allow students to coalesce and apply many musical skills, fine motor skills, eye hand coordination and listening skills into creating their own music.